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Merosecondhand.com is the leading platform in Nepal for online classifieds for emerging markets, users and businesses. Merosecondhand.com connects the local community to sell, buy and exchange their used goods and services in a quick and easy way so that anyone can post an announcement on their cell phone or on the website https://www.merosecondhand.com/


 Every month, hundreds of thousands of people in Nepal visit Merosecondhand.com to find and sell a wide range of new, fresh and used –secondhand products, from Real estate, Cars, and Motorcycles, scooter, electronic products like television, camera, hightech product like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, furniture and goods, local services and many other products. Merosecondhand.com is absoulately free website and you can post for sale and buy the product from any city of nepali like kathmandu, pokhara, chitwan, butwal, damauli, lalitpur, bhaktapur etc ..  

 At Merosecondhand.com we believe in making Merosecondhand.com a better place: Merosecondhand.com improves people's lives by bringing them together for mutual benefit exchanges. Sellers can easily earn some extra money simply by publishing products they no longer use or those you want to sell - thus, giving buyers the opportunity to find high-value items at reasonable prices.  


Our history

Merosecondhand.com was founded in 2017 and we continue growing, the main idea is to decentralize Free Classified Ads services by creating a platform that competes with any international standard created with 100% nepali human capital for nepalese, free of Spam and focused on open communication between the platform and users.  

 Our goal is to be the best platform in nepal to buy, trade and sell new and used –secondhand goods.

 We believe that every day, millions of nepalese give, or throw away, valuable things like furniture, clothes, cell phones, and other electronics. But why give or throw it away when you can sell it online through Merosecondhand.com and make money out of it?


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